Seems like this is, at least partial, validation of calls by people like Sam Harris for a more direct study of human consciousness (and other, non-human, types, if at all possible).

New York Times & Digital Double Standards

The New York Times has been a pointy edge of the coverage on Facebook, Google and Big Tech domination of our daily lives. […]

However, the Times is hypocritical, to put it mildly. While it talks about a surveillance advertising technology ecosystem, the company itself is a willing participant — its web pages and apps are jam-packed with advertising and tracking scripts. It complains about Facebook ads in the news stream, and yet it blasts large ads in your face on its website and in the applications. The reading experience is deprecated by really big ads, which honestly has lead to the use of ad-blockers and a deep dislike for their product” (Om Malik).

“Endast handfull fall av nödslakt”

I somras: “Extremtorka tvingar bönder till slakt”.

Ännu ett argument för varför nyheter inte ska konsumeras nya.

Stochastic terrorism

Stochastic terrorism is the use of mass communications to incite random actors to carry out violent or terrorist acts that are statistically predictable but individually unpredictable. In short, remote-control murder by lone wolf” (Anonymous blogger, 2011).

Allt är inte tillåtet

…men en del är?

Swish introducerades 2012.

The end of HIV transmission in the U.S.: A once-unthinkable dream becomes an openly discussed goal

A mere decade ago, 45,000 Americans a year were contracting HIV. Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started collecting data on HIV-related deaths just over 30 years ago, more than half a million of those people have died from AIDS.

And yet, today, the struggle against HIV may be undergoing a sea change.

U.S. health officials and HIV experts are beginning to talk about a future in which transmission in the United States could be halted. And that future, they say, could come not within a generation, but in the span of just a few years.

Facebook claims network breach affects up to 50 million users

Mike Isaac and Sheera Frenkel, reporting for The New York Times:

‘Facebook on Friday said an attack on its computer network led to the exposure of information from nearly 50 million of its users.’

Who wants to bet that a week or two from now they “discover” it was 100 million accounts, and then eventually admit it was 200 million?” (John Gruber)

The cartogram is made up of squares, each of which represents half a million people of a country’s population. The 11.5 million Belgians are represented by 23 squares; the 49.5 million Colombians are represented by 99 squares; the 1.415 billion people in China are represented by 2830 squares; and this year’s entire world population of 7.633 billion people is represented by the total sum of 15,266 squares.

Mitt liv som FAR

Dan Brännström tackar för sig med en bok.

Another day in Uppsala.

When I no longer respond to any other form of communication, please play me 80s heavy metal (Iron Maiden and Metallica will do just fine!) and Pink Floyd.

Evernote isn’t looking too healthy these days

As an avid user, it makes me sad but – rescue or ruin – I think it’s time for Microsoft to do its thing and buy Evernote.

How Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will become President

The Swedish election–which I, of course, dutifully voted in–resulted in an almost perfect tie. There is something to say for the UK style first-past-the-post voting principle.

En person som utförde minst en timmes arbete under referensveckan eller hade en pĂĄgĂĄende anställning räknas som sysselsatt. Personer som deltar i vissa arbetsmarknadspolitiska ĂĄtgärder räknas ocksĂĄ som sysselsatta” (

Kan sysselsättningsgrad vara Sveriges mest meningslösa statistiska begrepp? Jag tror vi kan utgå från att alla friska icke sysselsatta personer (N.B. enligt den här definitionen) har gjort ett aktivt val att inte vara sysselsatta.

Donald Trump is a pathogen evolved to thrive in an attention-maximization ecosystem

…even though the virus doesn’t understand what it’s doing or how it’s doing it, it’s able to use feedback to refine its strategies, gaining control over more resources with which to try more strategies.

It’s a powerful metaphor for the kind of cold reading we see Trump engaging in at his rallies, and for the presidency itself. I think it also explains why getting Trump of Twitter is impossible: it’s his primary feedback tool, and without it, he wouldn’t know what kinds of rhetoric to double down on and what to quietly sideline.

India Strikes Down Colonial-Era Law Against Gay Sex

Congratulations India!

The orchestra is inside the guitar“.

Why the future of data storage is (still) magnetic tape

Trolls die in darkness

Arbetsförmedlingens personal förmedlade 1,5 procent av jobben

Nu är inte jag något stort fan av Arbetsförmedlingen men låt oss inte glömma att sysselsättningsgraden just nu är hög. Om vi behöver en Arbetsförmedling är det inte nu, utan i en lågkonjunktur. Om myndigheten är lika irrelevant i en lågkonjunktur som den är nu, ja, då blir det nog svårt att försvara dess fortlevnad.

Skype, redesigned (again)

Microsoft is once again redesigning Skype — in order to make Skype great again. Or as a Microsoft executive puts it too “focus on simplicity* to provide an overall better experience for you by making Skype faster to learn and easier to use.” What he is not saying — Microsoft messed up Skype so bad that what was a market leading product is now an afterthought in modern daily communication flow.