This is crazy!

Freeman Dyson, Math Genius Turned Visionary Technologist, Dies at 96

“Life begins at 55, the age at which I published my first book” (Freeman Dyson).

Lawrence Tesler, Who Made Personal Computing Easier, Dies at 74

What a resume.


A travel guide to Xbox destinations

Hacking Google, a red handcart for red roads

The Celsius scale was born in 1742, globally endorsed in 1948 and got its modern definition in 1967. Late bloomer.

Who Buys Big SUVs?

Sad. Although, if Graham Chapman’s Memorial Service is anything to go by, sad does not have to mean not funny.

Fast Company: Apple and Google’s Location Privacy Controls Are Working

For 50 years, what is called “globalization” has in fact consisted in two opposing phenomena that have been systematically confused.

Shifting from a local to a global viewpoint ought to mean multiplying viewpoints, registering a greater number of varieties, taking into account a larger number of beings, cultures, phenomena, organisms, and people. Yet it seems as though what is meant by globalization today is the exact opposite of such an increase. The term is used to mean that a single vision, entirely provincial, proposed by a few individuals, representing a very small number of interests, limited to a few measuring instruments, to a few standards and protocols, has been imposed on everyone and spread everywhere. It is hardly surprising that we don’t know whether to embrace globalization or, on the contrary, struggle against it” (Latour 2018, pp. 12-13).

Namn pÄ ting.

Ett eller flera landskap som hade samma lag bildade ett rÀttsomrÄde som kallades lagsaga. Hur gammal indelningen i lagsagor Àr vet vi inte, men den verkar ha varit vÀl etablerad i början av medeltiden Varje lagsaga hade ett gemensamt ting, som i Danmark och Sverige kallades för landsting och i Norge för lagting. Island hade sitt berömda Allting. Dessa ting var bÄde lagsagans högsta domstol och dess politiska församling.

Alla lagsagor var indelade i mindre rĂ€ttskretsar, med sina egna ting. I Norge kallades de mindre rĂ€ttskretsarna för fylken, i Svealand för hundaren och i Götaland och Danmark för hĂ€rader. Denna indelning gĂ„r Ă„tminstone tillbaka till vikingatiden” (Charpentier Ljungqvist 2015, s. 148).

Orphei DrÀngar

The concert yesterday started a little differently.

The Best Best Picture Lineups in Academy History


Vikingatiden/Tidig medeltid: “Vid allvarligare brott var det vanligaste straffet fredlöshet, vilket innebar att den dömde miste sitt rĂ€ttsliga skydd. Ofta kombinerades straffet med förlust av lösöre. Var och en hade tillĂ„telse att döda eller misshandla en fredlös var och nĂ€r som helst. Fredlöshet kan sĂ„ledes kallas en legaliserad rĂ€tt till blodshĂ€mnd, som dessutom underlĂ€ttades av att det var belagt med höga böter att pĂ„ nĂ„got sĂ€tt hjĂ€lpa en fredlös” (Charpentier Ljungqvist 2015, s. 143-144).

This Striking Image of the Moon Is a Combination of 100,000 Photos

Andrew mccarthy moon 01

The Age of Instagram Face

The rising popularity of plastic surgery is more than a little horrifying” (Paul Kafasis).

Happy Christmas from a white-ish Falun, Sweden.

Why do some Eastern European and Scandanavian countries celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December?

Because a Christian lithurgical day always starts and ends at sunset. In Southern Scandinavia, the lithurgical day on which Christ was born by tradition starts at 5 PM the 24th and ends on 5 PM the 25th. Celebrating Christmas on the 25th would imply having Christmas dinner the day after the event, as the lithurgical day ends on sunset the 25th. Christmas eve is therefore celebrated on the 24th while Christmas morning is celebrated on the 25th” (Sturla Molden, Quora).

Eight-year-old tops YouTube list of high earners with $26 million

44,000 Year-Old Cave Painting in Indonesia Is World’s Oldest Figurative Art

No, sharing your Spotify year-end artist stats is not a good idea – here’s why not

No. I do not have a Spotify artist account. Nevertheless, if I had, I am not sure I would agree with the sentiment that streaming services screw artists. On the one hand, yes, it seems extremely difficult to make any (meaningful) money by (only) streaming your music. On the other, no one is forced to stream their music and with its rich history of subcultures, bootlegs, fanzines, t-shirt sales, club gigs, etc it seems, to me, the music world provides an as good opportunity as ever for aspiring musicians to get their music out there, and maybe even earn a buck or two. Also, people don’t play football expecting to be professionals, so why should music publishing be any different? Most people tend to get paid for doing things they don’t like. That’s why it’s called work. Thus, it seems reasonable that playing at a wedding should be work and something you only do if you get paid for it. Writing music, however, seems more like writing books: Lots of people do it out of love for the art, very few expect to earn money from it but a few lucky do.

‘The Mandalorian’ composer explains his process for creating 8 distinct scores for the 8 episodes, and how he made the show’s theme

The Mandalorian is the best Star Wars I have seen in a long while and the music is no small part of it.

The Top Songs, Artists, Playlists, and Podcasts of 2019—and the Last Decade

I am so out of touch. I don’t know a single Drake, Malone or Grande song. But I do know Shape of you, so maybe there is still hope. Honestly though, probably not.