The company Bayer is famous for inventing aspirin in 1898, which is arguably one of the world’s most beloved brands, and for good reason. But I was surprised to learn that just two weeks earlier, the same three guys who gave the world aspirin also created Bayer’s other big brand, heroin, which was marketed for about eight years as the world’s best cough medicine” (Q&A: Tell Us 5 Things About Your Book: ‘The End of Advertising’ via MA.TT).

Fun if true—and full of lessons about the drug industry, I suppose.

Gangnam Style loses its title as most-viewed YouTube video

I am convinced, however, that we went way wrong with the Web as a platform by basing it from the start on client-server (aka calf-cow), which (to leverage McLuhan) retrieved the mainframe, which retrieved the monopoly, which retrieved the feudal system” (Doc Searls, How the Web failed us, and vice versa).

Uppsala from the air. Almost home.

Leaving Quebec City and the amazingly well organized CPA conference with this five year old memory from its sister conference the IPA, that time in Cardiff.

Montreal from Mont Royal.

Halfway (sort of) between Stockholm and Montreal. Wow!

Så varje midsommar, när vi går över alla gränser för att vara så där lite extra svenska genom att hoppa runt som små grodor, hjälper vi alltså egentligen britterna att håna fransmännen. Till fransk melodi.


den svenska ambassaden i Paris använde 2003 sången som en del av ett test på svensk anknytning för att få behålla sitt svenska medborgarskap.

Game, set, match för verkligheten över dikten.


We survived another birthday party.

Wikipedia’s Switch to HTTPS Has Successfully Fought Government Censorship