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Mötte bäver på Bäverns gränd

Till råga på allt var det på självaste internationella bäverdagen som Janne fick det oväntade mötet. Dagen firas sedan 2009 varje år den 7 april” (UNT 2019-04-07).

Lokalnyheter när de är som bäst.

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Why a Fake Doctor’s Rise is Really a Media Fail

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New York Times & Digital Double Standards

The New York Times has been a pointy edge of the coverage on Facebook, Google and Big Tech domination of our daily lives. […]

However, the Times is hypocritical, to put it mildly. While it talks about a surveillance advertising technology ecosystem, the company itself is a willing participant — its web pages and apps are jam-packed with advertising and tracking scripts. It complains about Facebook ads in the news stream, and yet it blasts large ads in your face on its website and in the applications. The reading experience is deprecated by really big ads, which honestly has lead to the use of ad-blockers and a deep dislike for their product” (Om Malik).

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