New agreement with Elsevier – 100 percent Open Access

A new agreement has been reached with the scientific publisher Elsevier. The agreement covers university wide reading rights to about 2,000 scientific journals from Elsevier and allows researchers affiliated with Stockholm University to publish Open Access at no extra costs” (Stockholm University Library).

About time! But kudos to the libraries for their patience. 18 months without Elsevier articles was not as painful as I had imagined.

This is a step in the right direction to achieve the goal of 100 percent pure Open Access. This agreement in combination with other transformative agreements implies almost 90 percent Open Access publications at Stockholm University in 2020. In addition to these agreements, we will continue to finance article processing charges in all fully Open Access journals, says Wilhelm Widmark, Library Director at Stockholm University Library and vice Chair of the Bibsam consortium’s steering committee, who negotiated the deal” (Stockholm University Library).

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