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Bruno Latour, French philosopher and anthropologist, dies aged 75

Sad news. His works was a big influence on me, particularly when I was writing my dissertation. I saw him last when he visited Uppsala in 2019 and I attended his Moving Earths presentation. RIP.

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For 50 years, what is called “globalization” has in fact consisted in two opposing phenomena that have been systematically confused.

Shifting from a local to a global viewpoint ought to mean multiplying viewpoints, registering a greater number of varieties, taking into account a larger number of beings, cultures, phenomena, organisms, and people. Yet it seems as though what is meant by globalization today is the exact opposite of such an increase. The term is used to mean that a single vision, entirely provincial, proposed by a few individuals, representing a very small number of interests, limited to a few measuring instruments, to a few standards and protocols, has been imposed on everyone and spread everywhere. It is hardly surprising that we don’t know whether to embrace globalization or, on the contrary, struggle against it” (Latour 2018, pp. 12-13).

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