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Alas, Zoom’s video conferencing technology is best of breed, and because Zoom is easy to use and the quality is so high, it is exploding in popularity now that the whole world is working and socializing remotely. All of the following can be — and I believe are — true: Zoom is popular, useful, and by their own admission not trustworthy” (John Gruber).

Alas, Zoom is the service I am stuck with to do my work. Yet another reason to wish this situation to be over.

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Fast Company: Apple and Google’s Location Privacy Controls Are Working

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Makes you wonder what they were doing with our data. Downloading Pocket…

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Trying to quit Facebook

It is scary as it is that Facebook applications know EVERYTHING about me. Now when websites can access Facebook through developer friendly APIs – in effect making them Facebook applications – I really should at least deactivate my account.

If I had any character whatsoever I would do it. But I guess that – and half a billion users – is exactly what is the problem.

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