A new URL

In lack of “real content” here is another meta-post about this slowly changing web site.

I have changed the root URL from “www.carrington.se/wordpress” to “www.carrington.se/blog”. This is an example of the kind of SEO suicidal move one can afford when one doesn’t have a lot of readers. Still, there is a real chance that spammers will be the only “readers” around for a while. Nonetheless, this is move I have wanted to do for a long time in order to streamline the link structure with the parent site www.carrington.se. Until now the change has however not made much sense as the real mess with regards to link structure is the parent site that, for reasons I can’t remember anymore, I once upon a time choose to build with iWeb. Now the time has come to abandon iWeb and changing the url of this blog is a first preparatory step in that process.

Update 2011-06-30: iWeb is now finally history for me. As a bonus result the style of the website is now more coherent and the link structure more logical.

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