Disney’s Recycled Footage & Animated Doppelgangers

BBC: `Spy pixels in emails have become endemic`

Dominion Voting Systems sues Giuliani for $1.3bn over baseless election claims

A heartbeat away… isn’t that what they say? If that would happen Sweden, my home country, would look even worse on this list.

The Most Notable Lies of Donald Trump’s Presidency

The Covid-19 mRNA vaccine (David Goodsell)

The Trump campaign’s last stand

Latin Ladies For the purpose of Marriage

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You can look over the photographs on the Latina bridal sites and find the one that you want the best. A few of the more common Latin women meant for marriage are; the admin, the educator, the banker, the masseuse, the doctor, the seamstress as well as the wife. Every one of these girls have a different sort of job and they have different abilities that are necessary in marital life. It is important that you think about the way every skill and job squeeze into your life just before you use one of these on the person you are going to marry. Many individuals have married a Latin person and then continued to have children and now in their retirement life they south american brides still go on to live at your home.

foreign girlfriend dating site

There are lots of sites which you can use to sign up as a Mexican Cupid. To save somewhat money you can take action for free without having obligation. A few of these sites allows you to search hundreds of possible fits to help you narrow down your choices to 1 of the Philippine Cupid’s that you feel delivers the most potential to get married to you personally.

If you want a more casual atmosphere, there are also sites that compliment that. There are plenty of sites that cater to only the beginner that wants to find out more about the Latina dating world. There are plenty of ladies who wish to get married nevertheless don’t understand what all the hassle is about. They could not know very well what a dowry is or perhaps how to use 1. These sites are extremely user friendly and easy to find the way. There is a chat section where you can chat with other females looking for precisely the same things as you.

Just before you join any of these services you will want to examine to the different firms to make sure that they are reputable businesses. You will want to think about the different sites and see which ones allow you to employ their expertise. If you are going to mailbox order to a local man, you will need to look for a local man that lives close by. This way you may avoid having your mail go to someone else’s home and you will be able to stay close to your house where you can associate with the local men and get to know all of them better.

United States v. Google

“In other words, Google can enjoy the natural fruits of being an Aggregator, it just can’t use artificial means — in this case contracts — to extend that inherent advantage.


Aggregators have powerful justifications for their dominance. That, though, is why the real question is a political one: are we as a society comfortable with a few big companies having such an outsized role in our lives? If the answer is no, the ultimate answer will not be through the courts, but through new laws for a new era. Anti-aggregation, not antitrust” (Ben Thompson).

Eddie Van Halen dies of cancer aged 65

🎸 🌋


Reprogramming a Game By Playing It: an Unbelievable Super Mario Bros 3 Speedrun

The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free” (Nathan J. Robinson).

The European Model

Europe, through regulations like GDPR and the Copyright Directive, along with last week’s court decision striking down the Privacy Shield framework negotiated by the European Commission and the U.S. International Trade Administration (and a previous decision striking down the Safe Harbor Privacy Principles framework), is splintering off into an Internet of its own.

This Internet, though, feels like the worst of all possible outcomes. On one hand, large U.S. tech companies are winners, at least relative to everyone else: yes, all of the regulatory red tape increases costs (and, for targeted advertising, may reduce revenue), but the impact is far greater on would-be competitors. To put it in allegorical terms, the E.U. is restricting the size of the castle even as it dramatically increases the moat” (Ben Thompson).

Falun 1743

Gradually, Then Suddenly

What’s going to be newsworthy by the end of the year is not technology companies saying they’re embracing distributed work, but those that aren’t. Those who thought this couldn’t work have been forced by the pandemic to do it anyway, and they’ve now seen that it’s possible” (Matt Mullenweg).

Full Employment

But none of this stuff is insurmountable – it’s just hard. We CAN do this stuff. If you were wringing your hands about unemployed truckers, good news! They’ve all got jobs moving thousands of cities inland!

It’s just (just!) a matter of reorienting our economy around preserving our planet and our species.

And yeah, that’s hard, too – but if “the economy” can’t be oriented to preserving our species, we need a different economy.

Period” (Cory Doctorow).

The TikTok War

Anti-Pseudoscience Advocate Anne Borden King Has Cancer, and Now Her Facebook Feed Is Full of Pseudoscience Cancer ‘Alternative Care’ Ads

Facebook is a criminal enterprise fully and knowingly complicit in all of this — from the spread of bigotry to the spread of pseudoscience.

Conversely, legitimate advertisers are abandoning Facebook because they want nothing to do with any of this. To remain on Facebook is to be complicit by association” (John Gruber).

Don’t try to be the Alpha dog!

Laughing to Transgress

This also implies that when humor-police shows up, they are a symptom of a collective lack of understanding and of unacknowledged taboos.
When we ban fun and mockery, we ban challenging insights, and we do so at our own peril” (Steven Wittens).

How Iceland Beat Covid-19 (So Far)

Last Person to Receive a US Civil War Pension Dies

Until this week, US taxpayers were literally and directly paying for the Civil War, a conflict whose origins stretch back to the earliest days of the American colonies and continues today on the streets of our cities and towns” (Jason Kottke).